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Tennis elbow or golfers elbow can cause irritation and pain that inhibits activity and performance. The EpiTrain® active support helps reduce this pain and relieve tension. As you move, the special knitted compressive support with its built-in visco-elastic pads stimulates the muscles and aids healing.

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The EpiTrain active support relieves and stabilizes the elbow joint. The support’s anatomically shaped 3D flat knit compresses the surrounding soft tissue. Two viscoelastic pads fit laterally on the elbow and exert pressure on the muscle-tendon transition of the radial and ulnar muscles. This relieves the irritated tendon insertions. Two cut-outs are integrated into the pads to protect the epicondyles from pressure peaks.

During movement, the knitted fabric and pads provide a pain-relieving, intermittent compression massage effect. This action stimulates circulation in the soft tissue. Edemas and hematomas are therefore removed more quickly. The intermittent compression also has a positive effect on sensorimotor function. Control of the muscles is improved, allowing them to work more efficiently, actively stabilizing the elbow joint.

A circular strap around the forearm increases the support’s relieving effect on the tendon insertions through counter-pressure when the muscles are flexed. It is tightened around the tensed forearm with the fist clenched, but can also be fully removed.

The EpiTrain’s breathable Train active knit fits perfectly and sits securely during movement. Reduced compression at the edges of the support provides additional wearing comfort.

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