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Back pain is a widespread ailment in today’s society. Activity can help remedy this: LumboTrain activates your torso muscles and alleviates low back pain. It gives you a more stable feeling and straightens the lumbar spine. A special massage pad with 26 nubs releases tension during movement in a targeted manner and reduces pain with a pleasant intermittent compression massage.

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The LumboTrain back brace stabilizes the lumbar spine, reduces back pain, and is proven to activate the muscles to improve posture.

Made of a soft, breathable knitted fabric, the support wraps securely around the center of the body, taking pressure off the lumbar vertebra. A lumbar pad with integrated silicone nubs provides counter-pressure and massaging pain relief to the lower back. Combined with compression from the knitted material, this stimulates the metabolism, improves circulation, and helps to release muscle tension.

Wearing the LumboTrain back support has a proprioceptive effect, activating the body’s own stabilization mechanisms. Its anatomically-shaped knitted fabric has a highly textured surface, ensuring full contact with the skin to stimulate the proprioceptors and improve the body’s control of the torso muscles. A lumbar pad with 26 pronounced silicone nubs provide gentle massage to relieve back pain.

The LumboTrain stays in place. It fits snugly without constricting thanks to a comfortable knitted fabric with reduced compression at the edges and feathered edges on the abdominal fastening. Broad mesh comfort zones make it breathable and therefore comfortable to wear even during long periods of intense activity. The highly elastic material and practical hand straps on the abdominal fastening ensures that it can be put on with minimal effort and the low-profile design is ideal for wearing under clothing.

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