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SofTec Genu passively and actively stabilizes the knee by combining the mechanical relief provided by a hard-frame orthosis and the muscle activating properties of supports. The orthosis helps to prevent incorrect movements while promoting safe mobilization. It therefore reduces pain and supports the healing process, especially with anterior cruciate ligament tears and complex instabilities. The orthosis provides stability according to the 4-point principle. A transversely non-elastic compression knit with lateral joint splints and four straps around the thigh and lower leg create a frictional connection around the knee. It absorbs external pressure and reduces the tibial shift. Its smart hinges automatically adjust to the wearer’s individual axis of rotation and promote a natural sequence of movement. Flexion and extension can be limited in 10-degree increments as needed. Its elastic compression knit, which only stretches in longitudinal direction, allows muscles freedom of movement and massages the tissue during movement. This triggers the pain relieving and muscle activating action of the support. The viscoelastic pad around the kneecap strengthens the effect and helps to create a perfect fit.

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